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Savvy Calm Water 100g Pouch

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Calm+ is a health supplement powder that dissolves in water and not only tastes amazing but uses natural ingredients that are bursting with benefits to help you feel calm, while reducing your stress and anxiety.
Wellness and emotional support dietary supplement.
Using carefully selected ingredients scientifically proven to promote a sense of functional relaxation.

Promotes sense of Calm, Clarity & Emotional Wellness
Reduces stress & anxiety without making you tired
Amazing for gut & digestive health (Happy gut = happy brain)
Uplifts mood & Improves sleep quality
Other benefits:

Only using sustainably-sourced 100% Natural & Organic ingredients like Nootropics, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Superfoods and Prebiotics.
Scientifically proven Benefits
Savvy Calm water 100g Pouch with Glass of water

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