The Evergreen Ecosystem

Evergreen Fine Foods just one part of the Evergreen Group. The story of Evergreen Group is one of kiwi
ingenuity, investment and property know-how, and a penchant for growing fresh and quality produce - with humble beginnings in the heart of Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Over the years, Evergreen Group has grown to include a team of field experts, each contributing to respective branches of the business. We work with leading researchers, investors, farmers, importers and exporters, national suppliers and product developers to create a holistic, top-to-bottom ecosystem of sustainable supply.

Evergreen has an established and qualified history in the horticulture field, investing in orchards and holding a portfolio of horticultural properties across Australia and New Zealand.

Our current group consists of:
- Evergreen Agritech
- Evergreen Produce
- Evergreen Property
- Evergreen Fine Foods.

Choose better, Live Better with Finest & Friends

At Evergreen Finest & Friends, our mission is to help people live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. The foods we consume make a big difference to our energy levels, cognitive function and overall well-being, and we’ve made it our mission to curate a range of unique products that don’t just taste good but have added functional benefits to help you reach your full potential every day.

Our unique approach at Evergreen Finest & Friends, we don’t just prioritise natural, preservative-free and highly nutritional products, we want the foods we eat to fuel our bodies with ingredients that have proven health benefits. That means we carefully hand select the suppliers and manufactures' we partner with, working with only those who share our ethos, and can back up their product’s nutritional claims.

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