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Korean BBQ Munchies Organic & Activated

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Indulge Your Cravings with Munchies Korean BBQ - Organic & Activated

Satisfy your snack cravings with Munchies Korean BBQ—an enticing blend of kombucha-activated almonds, cashews, and crunchy lentils generously coated in a homemade Korean BBQ sauce. Crafted with care and activated to perfection, these munchies bring the bold flavours of Korea to your fingertips.

Product Information

Kombucha-activated** (almonds* walnuts*) green lentils* red miso* gochugaro* gf tamari* rice malt* garlic* onion flakes* black sesame* black cumin*

*=Certified organic ingredient;

**= Activated in kombucha, filtered water + Australian rock salt

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 Korean BBQ Munchies 225g Product Image
Korean BBQ Munchies Nutrition Information

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