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Mindful foods

Eros Love & Vitality Organic & Activated

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Awaken Your Senses with Eros, Love & Vitality - Organic & Activated

Step into a world of love and vitality with Eros. This sensory masterpiece combines organic and activated ingredients to ignite your taste buds and invigorate your soul. This light, fruity blend is a symphony of flavours that will tantalise your palate, featuring the delightful allure of cranberries and pomegranate, complemented by the subtle sophistication of smooth white chocolate derived from the creaminess of cacao butter and velvety vanilla.

Available in: 200g compostable bag + 450g recyclable glass jar 

Product Information

Activated nuts & seeds, buckwheat, pepitas, pecans) coconut chips, cacao butter, brown rice malt syrup, golden linseed, cranberries, (sweetened with apple juice) raw macadamias, puffed buckwheat, beetroot, ginger, cinnamon, maca, mesquite, pomegranate, red rose petals, vanilla bean.

Activated in kombucha, filtered water + Australian rock salt;

Mindful Foods Eros Love & Vitality 170g Product Image
Mindful Foods Eros Love & Vitality 450g Product Image
Mindful Foods Eros Love & Vitality Nutrition Information

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